Employer FAQs

We hire associates as JMR employees, and provide all wages, taxes, withholding, workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, recruitment cost, etc.

We will match or beat the current rates you are working with. We’re here to partner with your company, not cost more.

We can fill same-day requests as well as provide resumes and schedule interviews for positions that require a more thorough screening process. Every candidate presented will be pre-qualified with regards to experience, skill sets, availability, etc.

Absolutely. Depending on how many associates are working, we will provide a Sr. Staffing Consultant / On-site per location, free of charge.

Our team of recruiters is constantly sourcing, screening, and presenting qualified candidates. It’s what we do. This gives us a substantial edge in vetting employees who will be the right match for your company. We’ll do the recruiting while you focus on production, increasing your profits, and taking care of your customers.

All of our employees are properly vetted and oriented on the appropriate safety requirements of their assignments. These practices not only reduce injuries, but assure OSHA compliance. Our in-house Risk Management team can help you develop, implement and enforce safety policies.

Start to finish; Less than one hour. Call / Text / Email or submit a request. Whichever you prefer and the most convenient option, for you. Welcome to JMR Staffing.